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vimeo: hanneshirsch
insta: hnskns
fb: hannes kann es
email: hannes [at] milieufilm [dot] de

I work as a filmmaker and software developer in Berlin. I am currently finishing my studies at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and experimenting with different video formats for new projects. Scrolling down, you can find some of my earlier films.



For my new short film Mysterious Objects At Midnight I am looking for

Male Actors (20-45 years)

The film tells a story about the straight truck driver Toni who enters a fantastic cruising forest. He makes friends with two gay men and together they explore the jungle-like nature, their male bodies and bring movement into the disturbed relationship between gay and straight men.

There will be homoerotic scenes in it and the protagonists will be naked in some scenes, so this should not be a problem for you. 7 Shoot Days around Berlin. Any language skills are okay. Duration of the film will be approx. 25 mins. Open to Actors, models or non-professionals.
More info about the project / your application with photos at

hannes [at] milieufilm [dot] de

EXHIBITION JULY, 12-14: UdK Rundgang 2019

Come and see some of my works at the Universität der Künste Rundgang in Medienhaus, Grunewaldstr. 2-5, Berlin Schöneberg. I am showing three short films, and one exercise on 16mm in the cinema.

More info



25 min, 2019

A new short film about cruising, bodies and the complicated relationship between gay and straight men.

Currently in preproduction.


24 min, 2018

In April 2018, I went to Athens for 3 weeks where I met a couple of actors through the dating app Grindr. Based on the guys I met, I developed a script for a short film.

This project analyzes the jungle of a big city with all its streets, passages, subways, bus lines and hidden places. Through the internet and with their phones, people discover unknown places and become connected to unknown people and their secret lives. Like plants in a jungle, the storylines will be intertwined and fragmentary.

I shot the film on the Sony A7s II in 4:3 aspect ratio. The film is in post production.


7 min, 2006-2018


32 min, 2011

festivals & awards (selection):
Achtung Berlin, 2011 (best medium length feature)
Max-Ophüls-Preis, Saarbrücken, 2011 (competition)
29. International Film Festival, Uruguay 2011 (competition)
on DVD here: Missing Films


13 min, 2008

Internationale Filmtage Hamburg 2009
Achtung Berlin 2008

on DVD here: Bildkraft


5 min, 2007



software for film and media preproduction
4th version released in 2017

idea, ui design, coding and sales
with Diemo Kemmesies


Film Equipment Management System

2nd version released 2014

idea, ui design and coding (HTML, CSS, PHP, MYSQL)
for Filmarche e.V. and Achtfeld GmbH, Berlin

Schools & universities

- Art and Media studies at University of Fine Arts, Berlin, classes: "Narrative Film" and "Experimental Film/Media Art"
- Film Directing studies at Filmarche e.V. Berlin
- Computer science, focus on JAVA (autodidact)

Hannes Hirsch, Skalitzerstr. 46a, 10997 Berlin, Germany

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